How to Earn Money in Judgment


As you make your way through Judgment, there may be times where you need a decent sum of money.

Money has a variety of uses in Judgment. It can be used to buy food, drink and healing items. You’ll also need money if you want to gamble or play games. There are even times in the game where you need large sums of money to buy information that’s needed to progress the story. Needless to say, if you don’t know how to earn money in Judgment, you might often find yourself at an impasses.

Fight Money

Thankfully there are plenty of ways to top up your bank balance in Judgment when you’re in need. Money can be steadily accumulated by simply engaging in battles in and around Kamurocho, for example. Yakuza and other street thugs that you encounter have a chance of dropping money when defeated, as well as items that you can sell. Keep an eye out for them dropping various metal plates, and if you do get any take them to an Ebisu pawn shop to convert them into cash.



If you’d rather not fight for cash, once you’re a few chapters into the game you can take on side-cases, which require a bit of legwork but pay rather well. You’re able to pick up side-cases back at the Yagami Detective Agency office, as well as Bar Tender and Genda Law office. Some side-cases can even be picked up as you explore Kamurocho. More side-cases become available as you increase your reputation, which is achieved by becoming friends with the locals of Kamurocho. So basically, as you help people, they’re more likely to trust you with more work.

Dice & Cube

A really good way to earn money is to take part in the side-activity Dice & Cube, though you need Play Pass to do so. This board game-like side activity has you rolling dice to move around a map, and depending on where you land you might get an item or even find yourself in a fight. Regardless, chances are you’ll have earned a decent bit of cash by the time you’re finished with it.

Ultimately though, don’t worry too much about money in Judgment unless you really need it – you earn a lot simply by making your way through the game’s story.

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