How to Earn Scrap in Outriders


In Outriders, Square Enix’s new shooter-RPG, scrap is the currency of the world. But how do you earn it? Here’s what you need to know.

You’ll need scrap in Outriders if you want to buy anything from a shop – and with plenty of weapons and equipment up for grabs in each of the game’s outposts, you may well want to make a purchase or two. You’ll accumulate scrap naturally as you play, but how can you earn more?

There are several ways to earn scrap in Outriders:

  1. You can sell items or other resources at any shop. The rarer an item is, the more scrap you’ll get for it. Different shops will also offer you deals on other resources – for example, you can convert leather or iron into scrap if you want. It’s an easy way to get extra scrap, but make sure you don’t leave yourself short on resources. They’re very useful for upgrading your weapons and armour.
  2. You’ll earn it for completing missions. You’ll often get scrap as a reward for completing missions and side missions as you play through Outriders. So keep playing through the game, and your amount of scrap will go up naturally.
  3. You’ll find it in loot chests. In almost every area in Outriders, you’ll find at least one chest containing weapons or equipment in it. Often, there’ll also be a small amount of scrap in them too.
  4. Breaking down common weapons and equipment. The lowest tier of weapons will give you scrap when you break them down. Green items and higher will give you other resources. And be warned – if you’re playing on a higher World Tier, you won’t see common items drop after the very first part of the game.

There you have it – a number of ways to earn scrap in Outriders. Your most reliable method is to sell items at shops, and find it in loot chests around the world. Have fun out there.