How to Get Into the House in Returnal


One of the more peculiar elements of Returnal that you’ll come across very early on is Selene’s house, plain as day, sitting on an alien planet. You can access it – but how? Here’s what you need to know.

Each time you play, Selene’s house will be in a different place – that’s the nature of Returnal‘s random maps; it’s slightly different every time. But it’s always in the first biome, and it’s always there. Sometimes you’ll find it straight away. Other times you’ll need to explore a little. But once you’ve found it, it’ll pique your interest. And to get into it, you’ll need a key.

So where do you find the house key in Returnal? Thankfully, this too is always in the game’s first biome. It’s likely you’ll find it on your first or second run and, as long as you take the time to explore, you shouldn’t miss it. Again, exactly where it is will vary slightly from run to run.


Once you’ve found the key, it’s a permanent piece of equipment, so you’ll never need to find it again. When you’ve collected it, you’re able to head to the house and unlock it. It’s well worth going in, as this is where most of Returnal‘s narrative plays out.

You can’t go in the house willy-nilly though. It only becomes available after beating a boss. So be sure to keep visiting it each time you progress through the game in order to see more story play out.

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