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How to Get Minions in Evil Genius 2

Evil Genius 2

Wondering how to get more minions in Evil Genius 2? Here’s everything you need to know.

Minions are essentially what keep everything running smoothly in your evil lair. You’ll need them to do the day-to-day tasks, as well as to train up and take on other roles. Need security? Minions. Need someone to work in the cafeteria? Minions. Need someone to kidnap and murder your enemies? Minions. But how do you get more minions in Evil Genius 2?

The answer is very simple, actually: you’ll accumulate minions automatically. As time passes as you play the game, you’ll constantly gain new minions. Your minions will also die and/or depart of their own accord regularly, so new minions will also replace any lost numbers.

But to ensure you can recruit new minions, you need to have the space. Each minion requires its own locker, so you’ll need to ensure you have adequate lockers in your barracks – the rooms where minions sleep. The more lockers you have, the more minions you can have. So ensure you build a lot of lockers. Surprisingly, each minion doesn’t need its own bed – but there needs to be enough so everyone can rest at some point (they’re seemingly happy to share).

You can also manually recruit minions by going to the ‘Minion Training’ tab and clicking on ‘Worker’. Again, you’ll need to have enough spare lockers. So keep building lockers, and you’ll keep acquiring minions. Happy world domination!

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