How to Get Titanium in Outriders


Titanium is a rare resource that you’ll need if you want to upgrade high-level weapons and equipment in Outriders. But how do you get it? Here’s everything you need to know.

Titanium is the rarest of all the resources in Outriders. But as you progress through the game, it becomes more and more useful to you. You’ll need titanium if you want to upgrade epic or legendary weapons or equipment, and you’ll also need it if you want to upgrade a rare item to epic level. But where can you find titanium in Outriders?

You’ll be gifted some amounts of titanium for completing missions, so when you first need to use some, you’ll find it’s available to you. But it doesn’t last very long. And unfortunately, there’s no easy way to generate lots of titanium.


Early on in the game, you’ll be granted one piece for breaking down an epic item (purple), and two for breaking down a legendary item (yellow). The further into the game you get, and the higher the World Tier you’re playing on, the more valuable your items become, so you’ll get more titanium from breaking down those items. You’ll also find more epic items, so you should be able to amass a decent amount of titanium by breaking down those items.

You’ll also be gifted some titanium as a World Tier reward as you progress past World Tier 9. And, it’s very rare, but you will come across some mining points out in the world that grant small amounts of titanium.

Towards the end of the campaign, you’ll also unlock the ability to buy titanium from the merchant in your camp. Bailey starts to sell you items – including Titanium. It’ll cost you around 1700 pieces of scrap for five pieces of Titanium. It’s often worth selling items rather than breaking them down to get a better Titanium return.

Be patient and keep playing – and you’ll soon amass titanium, especially if you’re playing on higher World Tiers.