How to Heal in Returnal

Returnal review

Returnal can be brutal, so it’s important you keep your health topped up as much as possible. Here’s how to heal.

Not all roguelike games give you the opportunity to heal. Thankfully, Returnal does. And often, it’s quite generous at giving you the opportunity to heal. There are several ways you can refill your health.

The first, and most common way to heal yourself in Returnal is by picking up Silphium. In the game, your health is referred to as ‘Integrity’, and when picked up, Silphium will restore your Integrity. It comes in three sizes – small, regular and large, each refilling your health either a small, medium or large amount.


Silphium is displayed on your map as a green ‘plus’ symbol, but be warned: not all Silphium is created equally. If the Silphium on the ground is green, it’s safe to pick up and will restore your health. If it’s purple, approach it with care. This is Malignant Silphium: it can heal you, but it also comes with a chance to damage your or inflict a malfunction. Unless you’re desperate for health, it’s probably best to avoid these. Though if you have enough Ether, you can pay to ‘cleanse’ it and get rid of the risk.

You can also buy Silphium Vials and large Siphium Vials from Fabricators, which can be used as consumable items to restore your health when it’s low.

Another way to heal yourself in Returnal is by finding and using what’s known as an “Inert Reclaimers”. This bizarre device looks like a concrete bed, and it has a green glowing light on it. When interacting with it, Selene will lay on it, healing herself and extending her health bar. Be careful, however: sometimes, climbing off the Reclaimer will spawn some enemies.

There are a couple of other ways to keep your health in check, too. Later on in the game, some weapons can unlock a ‘leech’ ability, which grants you back some health when killing enemies. There are also certain parasites and artefacts which will slowly restore your health automatically when it’s low (but not fully).

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