How to Open Gates in Returnal

As you’re exploring the world of Returnal, you’ll come across gates that often have chests, or useful items behind them. How do you open them?

Returnal can be unforgiving, especially if you’re ill-prepared for what lies ahead. That’s why it’s important you open as many chests and gather as many pick-ups as you can. Especially in the game’s first biome, you’ll find a number of closed gates that might have a chest, health pick-up or other useful item behind it. Alas, at first glance there’s no obvious way of opening them.

But in fact, opening these gates in Returnal is rather easy: you just need to look around the immediate area. Each gate has a switch which activates it – a square box with a red light in the centre of it. Shooting it will open the gate.


However, the switch is never directly next to the gate. Sometimes it’s around a corner, sometimes it’s really high up on a wall. But there’s always a switch, and it’s always in the same room. Spend some time looking, and once you’ve found it, you’ll gain access to whatever goodies lie beyond the gate. Once you’ve shot the switch, the gate stays open, so you don’t have to worry about beating a timer to get back to it.

As you play more Returnal, you’ll start to become familiar with the layout of its rooms. Once you’ve found a gate in a room, the switch always stays in the same place. So should you find yourself in the same room in a later run, you’ll know exactly where to look. It’s always worth spending a bit of time hunting down the switch, as the more pick-ups you collect while playing Returnal, the better your chances of survival.

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