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How to Recruit Henchmen in Evil Genius 2

Evil Genius 2

Being an evil genius is hard work – that’s why it’s handy to have henchmen by your side. But how do you recruit henchmen in Evil Genius 2?

Out now from Rebellion, Evil Genius 2 is a strategy simulation game concerned with building your own evil lair and, essentially, taking over the world. In it, you take control of an evil genius of your choice. And while you’ll have a bunch of minions under your control, ensuring everything runs smoothly, it’s still hard work by yourself. That’s why over the course of the game, you’ll recruit various henchmen to help you out.

However, those henchmen don’t come naturally. You need to recruit them, and that means bringing them over to your site from the opposition. That can be tricky work – but once you know what you’re doing, it’s easy enough to pull off.

In order to recruit henchmen in Evil Genius 2, you need to complete Side Stories. You’ll find these by heading to the ‘Objectives’ menu. From there, you can select only one Side Story at a time. Each Side Story provides a bit of exposition – you’ll see short dialogue scenes featuring your evil genius – and requires you to complete a series of missions.

Those missions typically involve the World Stage; you’ll need to find and complete the relevant mission to recruit the henchman. But since you’re planning to take them directly from an enemy, prepare yourself for resistance. These missions are never easy, so ensure you’re prepared with enough minions and resources on board to tackle whatever comes at you.

The henchmen you recruit will depend on the Side Story you choose, but remember you can only do one at a time, and once you’ve selected a Side Story you can’t skip or bin it; you’re stuck with it until you finish it.

You can have multiple henchmen at once, and just like your Evil Genius they have their own special abilities. So recruiting a strong army of them is important. Just make sure you’re up for the task.

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