How to Save Your Game in Judgment

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Judgment is a big game – so you’ll want to make sure you save your progress regularly. Here’s how to do it.

Losing progress in a game is never fun, especially in one as big as this. Thankfully, saving your game in Judgment is very straightforward, so you should never have to worry about needing to redo your hard work.

Judgment features an autosave system that’s turned on by default. It saves your game every time you finish a story objective as well as completing various other milestones. You can turn off autosave if you want by visiting the options, but you’ll need to remember to save your game manually.


Thankfully, saving manually is very easy. Simply access your phone by pressing the options/menu button. From there, navigate to the ‘save’ icon, which you’ll find on the bottom left of your phone. Upon selecting ‘save’, you’ll then be offered numerous save slots. You can either select a new one, or save over an existing one. When you select one, you’ll be aske to confirm your save.

You can save your game in Judgment pretty much whenever you like, apart from when you’re in combat or in a story scene. Even if you have autosave turned on, we recommend saving every time you turn off the game to ensure you don’t lose any progress.

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