How to Taunt in Judgment


You’re going to be getting into a lot of battles as you make your way through Judgment.

With protagonist Takayuki Yagami being an agile fighter with two styles available, however, you won’t really mind. In fact, his flamboyant fighting abilities make Judgment one of the most entertaining entries in the Yakuza series. As you run rings around your opponents you might even want to goad them sometimes, and to do that you’ll want to taunt them. You can do it Judgment, though the game doesn’t tell you that you can.

To taunt enemies in Judgment, all you need to do is press in the left analogue stick during combat. As well as it being fun showing off and goading enemies into action, it actually has a benefit too. Whenever you perform a taunt you’ll charge your EX-Gauge a little, and when at least one bar is full you’ll be able to perform a powerful EX action or power yourself up for a short while. So, make sure you taunt your enemies whenever you get the chance. It’s an easy way to give yourself the advantage in combat.


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