How to Unlock Extra Consumable Slots in Returnal

Returnal 1 (1)

In Returnal, you have three slots for carrying consumable items – but only one is available at the outset. How do you unlock more?

Consumables in Returnal are very helpful. From life-saving items like health packs to other useful things like a forcefield that damages enemies, they can make or break your run. And so carrying a useful consumable is very important. Even better is when you can carry more than one.

Thankfully, you don’t have to get far into Returnal before you can unlock a second consumable slot. Once you’ve completed the game’s first biome and beat the first boss, you’re able to make your way to the second area. Straight away, you’ll find an item that you can pick up: it’s a permanent upgrade that unlocks a new consumable slot. It’s unmissable, and once you’ve collected it, that’s it – on every run, you’ll now have two consumable slots.


The third and final consumable slot, however, comes quite a bit later in Returnal. And unlike the second slot, it seems you can miss this one. For us, we found it in the game’s fourth biome. It was on a side path, so unless you go exploring, you’re unlikely to find it. Thanks to the game’s random map generation, it’s likely to be in a different place every time – so it pays to poke around.

It’s worth remembering, too, that you can carry multiple of the same types of consumable, even if you have just one slot. The same consumables will stack on top of each other, so make use of that bonus space if you can.

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