Apogee is Back as an Indie Publisher

Apogee Entertainment

Remember Apogee Software? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But for years, it was the face of shareware and budget gaming. And now the company is back.

Or is it? It wouldn’t be the first time an old brand has been “resurrected”; Atari resurfaced a few years ago, but only as a name. And, hang on a minute, didn’t Apogee Software eventually become 3D Realms? What’s going on here?

Yes, Apogee Software did become 3D Realms but the new Apogee is Apogee Entertainment, an entirely separate entity. The new company has been set up by Scott Miller, Apogee Software’s original founder, as a publisher of indie games. It’s not clear if anyone else from Apogee Software’s early days has joined Apogee Entertainment but there is at least some connection between the two, in the shape of Miller.

“The relaunched Apogee Entertainment will empower today’s incredibly talented indie developers by giving them the fearless marketing, global exposure, and publishing support that we pioneered in the early 90s”, reads the statement on Apogee’s website.

The company already has a few titles under its wing, as can be seen from the above showcase trailer. You can expect more details on these titles in the coming months. On the whole, we’ve got mixed feelings about this announcement; yes, we’re happy to see Indies given more support, but bringing Apogee still feels like an odd move.

Will this all pay off? We’ll have to wait and see.