Kill Run Mode Will Delight Ghostrunner Fans Seeking a Challenge

Ghostrunner (1)

Those who have played Ghostrunner will know that it’s no walk in the park, and that was before Hardcore mode was added via an update in December.

Today, another update has landed for Ghostrunner and with it comes Kill Run mode, arguably providing the game’s biggest challenges yet. You see, to succeed, not only do you have to negotiate harsh environments and kill with skill, as always, but you’re also up against a very strict timer.

Five Kill Runs are available, though you’ll need to unlock all but the first. That in itself will be a task. Starting with only a very small amount of time, to complete a Kill Run you’ll need to find the optimum path through the specially-designed stage, killing enemies and collecting time pickups as you go. The former adds a valuable two seconds to your clock. The latter just one.

To complete even the first Kill Run, you pretty much need to be a Ghostrunner master, or it at least seems that way to me – having not played the game since reviewing it last year, I’m a little rusty. Pause for thought for just one second, or even simply miss one time pickup, and chances are you’re going to fail. You’re going to be hitting that restart button time and time again, trying to perfect your run by finding the optimum route and working out the best way to take out the enemies stood in your path.

Ghostrunner Photomode

If you do manage to finish a Kill Run, you’ll be awarded a rank and your time will be entered onto a leaderboard. Of course, another Kill Run will also be unlocked for further time-based fun until all five are available. Needless to say, there’s hours of fun to be had for those still enamoured with Ghostrunner‘s gameplay, and why wouldn’t you be? What’s more, for a mode added for free, it’s absolutely brilliant.

While Kill Run mode is undoubtedly the highlight of Ghostrunner‘s latest free update, other enhancements and features are also included. One of them is a brand new photo mode, allowing players to capture some of the beautiful sights to be seen throughout the game. It’s not the most in-depth photo mode ever conceived, mind. Elsewhere, console players can now make use of aim assist for the game’s grappling hook, and can also now change the game’s field of view. PS4 Pro owners can now play in a new performance mode, too, while those playing on PC can make use of Nvidia Reflex to reduce in-game latency should they have a supported graphics card.

Ghostrunner Kill Run mode

Rounding out the latest batch of goodies for Ghostrunner is a new cosmetic DLC pack. Priced at £3.99/$4.99, the Metal Ox pack introduces four new katanas and gloves to the game, themed around Confucian principles and virtues. Whether you choose Benevolence, Justice, Integrity or Rite, you’ll look more stylish than ever.

If you already own Ghostrunner, simply make sure the game is up to date to access the new Kill Run mode along with other additional features. And if you don’t own Ghostrunner, there’s never been a better time to buy it – it’s available digitally right now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Those picking the game up on PS4 or Xbox One will also be entitled to a next-gen upgrade later this year.

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