Microsoft Promises to Make Xbox Series X Fridges a Reality

Xbox Series X

Microsoft General Manager Aaron Greenberg has promised to make Xbox Series X mini-fridges a reality.

What kind of idiot would pay over the odds for a mini-fridge, just because it resembled a console? That’d be us. Greenberg’s promise came after Xbox beat Skittles out in a Best Tweet contest. Yes, really.

But self-congratulatory or not, the end result is that Xbox Mini fridges will become a thing and not just something that’s posted out to influencers to promote The Rock’s energy drink. The picture accompanying Greenberg’s tweet is of a full-size fridge but we’re assuming the actual fridge will be closer to the one The Rock sent out, minus the ZOA branding.


Greenberg has previously stated that the latter promotion (which also included a competition to win one of the fridges) was testing the water for the mini-fridge market. So they’ve at least got the means to make these, even if they’ve only previously worked with small batches.

There’s no word on when or if the Xbox Mini Fridge will be available or, indeed, if you’ll be buy it outside of the US, due to its weight. But as soon as it becomes a purchasable reality, Microsoft won’t be able to take our money fast enough.

Now, if only we can get someone to make a Playstation 5 George Foreman grill…