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More Streets of Rage 4 is Coming This Year

Streets of Rage 4

What’s better than Streets of Rage 4? The correct answer is Streets of Rage 2. Just.

But, short of scooping out whatever chunk of brains contained the memory of Sega’s 1992 beat-em-up there’s no way of experiencing it anew. Streets of Rage 4 is still pretty amazing, though and there’s no way we’re going to turn down new content for it.

There’ll be two chunks of content arriving this year, one paid, one not. The free update adds New Mania+ mode, a version of the game that’s tougher than any other difficulty level. Streets of Rage 4 is a little stingier with credits than its prequels so New Mania+ sounds like a real trial.

The paid DLC, on the other hand, is a meatier chunk of punching. Dubbed “Mr X Nightmare”, it features a survival mode, and three new characters, the first of which is bad-ass cop Estel Aguirre. Existing characters will also get a new special moves and it looks like there are going to be new areas to fight in, though it’s not clear whether there’ll be any completely new levels.

You can check out the trailer below and you can expect the other two characters to be revealed later this year.


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