Oculus Has a Gaming Showcase Coming Next Week

Oculus, Facebook’s VR division, has announced they’re a gaming showcase for next week.

As announced on Twitter, the Oculus Gaming Showcase will take place April 21st at 3PM Pacific Time on.. Facebook? Yes, Oculus is owned by Facebook, but keeping the showcase off Twitch and YouTube seems a little odd, given how popular both platforms are.

Right now, Oculus has two in-production headsets, the Quest 2 and the Rift S. The latter connects to a PC, and requires a PC to work, while the former is a stand-alone headset that can optionally be connected to the PC.


Both have a good selection of titles though we find the wireless Oculus Quest 2 more appealing. Yes, Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners doesn’t look quite as good on the Quest 2 as it does on the Rift S, but the freedom of movement is just fantastic.

There’s no hints at to what the company will be unveiling. We’d like to see Half Life: Alyx get a Quest 2 release, but we doubt the device has the power to run it without a major downgrade.

You’ll be able to watch the Oculus Gaming Showcase on Oculus’s Facebook page a week this Thursday.