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Outriders’ Screecher Enemies Can Get in the Bin

Image: Outriders/Fandom

If you’ve played Outriders, you’ll have likely come across a Screecher. And you’ll probably hate them just as much as I do.

One of Outriders‘ few flying enemies, the Screecher is a huge bird that has a habit of hovering directly above your head. Ever tried shooting something that’s right above you in a third-person shooter? Yeah, it’s not easy. Also not easy is trying to shoot at a bird that maniacally darts left and right, up and down. These birds are bastards, and without a doubt they’re one of the most annoying enemy types in all of Outriders.

They’re not alone in being irritating. Alpha Perforos deserve a special mention for their bullet-spongey demeanour and the fact they’re almost as hard to kill as a sodding Brood Mother, despite not even being classed as an “elite” enemy. But at least they’re on the ground, and their tendency for getting right up in your face means they’re very easy to shoot bullets into.

Not the Screecher. Also classified as a mere “regular” enemy, they have a ridiculously high amount of HP, so take a lot of bullets to bring down. Even more, considering a lot of your shots are going to miss, thanks to these pesky birds’ love of dancing erratically through the air. They also attack with wild abandon, spraying a deadly blue attack on the ground every few seconds. If you don’t interrupt them, you’ll spend far more time dodging left and right than you will actually attacking back.

Perhaps worst of all, though, is that their airborne status means many of Outriders‘ skills just don’t work on them. A Devastator’s Impale? Forget it. A Pyromancer’s Heatwave? Not a chance. Thankfully, Volcano does still work against them, providing you can land it directly under them. The only redeeming feature about these god-forsaken giant birds is that they do land every so often. Only for a few seconds at a time, mind. But if you’re quick, that’s when you spam them with all the attacks.

Needless to say, when you’re up against these evil winged beasts in an Expedition, you better hope you’re prepared. Don’t worry about Behemoths or Maulers; it’s shooting these damned birds down from the sky that’s going to cost you all your time. And for that reason, Screechers really can get in the bin for all I care.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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