Outriders – Should You Dismantle or Sell Unwanted Items?


Being a loot-driven game, you’re going to pick up a lot of unwanted items in Outriders. You may begin to wonder, should you dismantle them, or sell them?

Why Dismantle?

As you progress further into Outriders the enemies just get stronger and stronger. If you’re playing at the highest World Tier you possibly can, you’ll need the most up to date weapons and armour you can find, and also have great mods equipped on them. For that reason, it’s best to dismantle unwanted items in the early stages of the game so you can build up stores of Leather and Iron, useful for modding items and levelling them up as long as they’re not purple or gold. To level up purple or gold items, you need titanium, which you get small quantities of by also dismantling items of those colours. Dismantling items also adds any mods they have on them to a vault, allowing you to easily place them on any other item in the future.

How to Dismantle

To dismantle items, simply go into your inventory and mark all the items you want to dismantle with the required button (if using a controller, it’s the right analogue stick). Once all items you want to break down have been marked, hold down the dismantle button displayed at the bottom of the screen (triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox). All marked items will then be dismantled, and you’ll see your resources shoot up.


Why Sell?

For the most part you’ll want to dismantle items in Outriders, but sometimes it is actually better to sell items. For a start there’s a trophy/achievement for selling 300 items that you might want to get, and the credits obtained from selling items are actually useful if you want to buy some of the powerful items on offer via the various vendors found in the game. Perhaps the best use for your credits, however, is buying Titanium. At a certain point in the game you’ll acquire a new companion called Bailey, and eventually she’ll sell you Titanium in batches of five. If you’re after Titanium, it actually works out better to sell items and then buy it from her rather than dismantling purple and gold items. You’ll miss out on gaining Shards, but there’s no better way of quickly building up Titanium, useful for levelling up the purple and gold items you actually do want to use.

How to Sell

To sell items, simply visit any vendor in the game and then press the required button to switch over to the sell tab (the right shoulder button when playing using a controller). From there, mark the items you want to sell, then press and hold the required button to sell them.