PlayStation Now’s New April Games Are Here

Playstation Now April

Sony has revealed April’s new PlayStation Now games and they’re all playable as of now.

You do need a PlayStation Now subscription, and a PS4 or PS5, but right now you can play these PlayStation 4 games on the streaming/download service. The games that have been added this month are:

  • Marvel’s Avengers
  • The Long Dark
  • Borderlands 3

Marvel’s Avengers has been a little contentious; we got a kick out of it, but it has has been criticised by some for the characters’ off-brand look. The Long Dark, on the other hand, doesn’t have any superheroes but you’ll need to push yourself to breaking point if you want to succeed at this snowy survival game.


The final title, Borderlands 3, is the best of the bunch; reviewing it, we noted that while it didn’t change things up too much, it “has never been more of a pleasure to shoot your way through”.

All of these games can be streamed or downloaded as of right now; the latter is preferable if you’ve got a slow connection and can be played for as long as you subscribe to¬†PlayStation¬†Now.

There’s plenty of fun to be had with all three but if you see Hawkeye, be sure to tell him that he’s just the worst.