Playstation Plus’s April Line-up is Here and So is Abe

Playstation Plus April

Sony has announced Playstation Plus’s April games, including an Abe-shaped surprise.

This April’s line-up of Playstation Plus games, free to anyone with a Playstation Plus subscription, is:

What’s odd about that last title is that Oddworld: Soulstorm isn’t out yet; it’s released April 6th, so will be available free (for PS Plus subscribers) on launch day. Making launch-day games free is more up Microsoft’s street, having employed the tactic with multiple titles.


Soulstorm is exclusive to the Playstation on console, so it seems Sony are trying to use the title as a reason to buy push the Playstation 5 and Playstation Plus. However, only the PS5 version of Soulstorm will be available on Playstation Plus, even though it’s hitting both PS4 and PS5.

As for the other titles? We think both are pretty great though, at launch, Days Gone received a middling reception from some publications and players. It’s since been updated so you can respawn hordes of zombies; trying to destroy a murderous, undead mob before they get their hands on you never gets old.

Best of all, while technically not Easter games, both revolve around people rising from the dead, so you can claim you’re honouring the season. Go on, it’s what the Zombie Easter Bunny would want.