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Sci-Fi RPG Dark Envoy Has a New Story Trailer

Dark Envoy

With a name like Dark Envoy, this sci-fi RPG was never going to be about fluffy little bunnies.

But this title’s latest trailer really does pile on the misery. It features a pair of siblings, one toting a gun, the other favouring a magical staff, musing on the nature of the world. They bemoan how horrible and greedy everyone is, wondering whether it was always that way or they’re only now seeing it. Ultimately, they conclude it was always a terrible place but they just grew up. Maybe they just need a hug.

Surprisingly, there’s not a hint of nu-metal, but the trailer does also offer a glimpse into the game’s visually striking top-down combat. Even better, it shows the characters roaming the deck of their flying airship, which gives us a real steampunk vibe. There’s nobody gluing gears to things but the world’s blend of science and magic is definitely intriguing.

Dark Envoy is a “a non-linear RPG where your choices matter the most”, but we’ve encountered RPGs that either disregard or steamroller over our decisions, so we’ll reserve judgement until we get our hands on the final game. Dark Envoy is set for a 2022 PC release, but you can check out the trailer below to tide you over.


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