Song of Horror’s Deluxe Boxed Edition is Coming This Summer

Song of Horror

Song of Horror, set to launch on consoles soon, will also be available as a Deluxe Boxed Playstation 4 Edition.

Song of Horror, an episodic horror game about a haunted music box, launched on the PC in 2019. The game sees publisher Daniel Noyer desperately trying to free himself from the music box’s curse, enlisting the help of various gullible, sorry, “brave” individuals. The twist is that the Presence, the being that stalks you, has a sense of dramatic timing and will pop up at different points during the game. Throw in a permadeath mechanic and you’ve got a game that, despite the last chapter feeling a tad underwhelming, will keep you on edge.

The game is coming to consoles this May, as a digital release, but in case you want something more substantial to put on your shelf, you’ll be able to get your hands on a Deluxe Boxed Playstation 4 Edition of Song of Horror. You can’t pre-order it just yet, but publishers Raiser Games will be making it available across European territories this Summer.

The Deluxe Boxed Edition will include a special artwork sleeve, a map players can note clues on, and a character guide.  All of which sounds good, but we’d kill for a Special Collectors Edition, complete with a working (but not necessarily to scale) replica of the cursed music box that plays Song of Horror’s haunting tune.

There’s no exact release date for the Deluxe Boxed Edition but the standard digital edition of Song of Horror, including all five episodes, will be available on Xbox One and Playstation 4 this May 28th.