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Spooky FMV Thriller Erica is Coming To PC


FMV thriller Erica, once a Playstation 4 exclusive, is now coming to PC.

Well, we say “Erica“, but after spending too much time watching Shooting Stars, we’re unable to imagine it as anything but Erica-ca-ca-ca-ca. It casts you as the titular character who’s been having nightmares about her father’s murder, something she witnessed (and was possibly involved in) as a small child.

We’ve already tackled the game on the PS4 and had a lot of fun with it; it’s not that long, about the length of a movie, but it’s unsettling in all the right places, even if there are a couple of moments where you want to shove Erica (played by Humans actress Holly Earl) on a bus to another county.

And soon, PC players will able able to experience the game which, aside from Holly Earl, also sports a performance by Terence “Thingy off Thingy” Maynard as Lucien Flowers who, with a name like that, is sure to be a good ‘un.

Erica is set to arrive on PC this May 25th; you can wishlist and later purchase it through the Steam Store and check out the launch trailer below.

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