Square Enix Reveals More Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Details

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade

Square Enix has revealed more details of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, the action-RPG’s Yuffie-centric add-on.

Yuffie featured in the original Final Fantasy VII but since remake only represents a chunk of the original game, she’s been absent, until now. Intergrade is essentially a additional chunk of content that will send Yuffie on her own adventure, albeit one that recycles at least some of Remake’s assets.

Square Enix has revealed that Yuffie herself will be voiced by actress Suzie Yeung, who’s voiced characters across a number of movies, TV shows and games. She’s also performing as a character in Wonder Egg Priority, a show we’ve never seen but, based on the name, we’re sorely tempted to check out.


Intergrade will be a stand-alone chapter, which won’t require the main Final Fantasy VII Remake, though we suspect there’ll be plenty of references to it. Yuffie will have her own set of powers, both close and long-ranged in nature, and will be out to rob Shinra blind. It’s not just that they’re up to no good, they’re apparently got a new super-powerful type of materia which, knowing them, is made from the ground-up souls of fluffy bunny rabbits.

The snag is that Intergrade is only available for the Playstation 5 so if you’re a PS4 owner, you’ll be missing out. It’ll be released on PS5 this June 10th.