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The Fermi Paradox Will Make You a Galactic God

The Fermi Paradox

Fermi’s Paradox is the contradiction between the high probability of extra-terrestrial life and the lack of any evidence for it.

Honestly, there’s not much of a paradox involved, really – we’re awful and no-one else in the galaxy wants anything to do with us. Problem solved. The Fermi Paradox, on the other hand, is an upcoming narrative sci-fi game for PC that puts you in charge of developing galactic races. So in this case, we might never have encountered aliens because you’re terrible at shepherding them to safety.

The Fermi Paradox sounds both fascinating and terrifying. According to the blurb, you’ll:

“Face over a thousand choices that will alter the course of history, and feel the consequences of your actions millennia later.”

We remember being shocked that our one throwaway action in Fallout: New Vegas lead to several small villages dying out. Who knows what’ll happen when have a thousand years of escalation between your decision and their consequences? There are also plenty of smaller, non world-ending choices but we still anticipate yelling “But it wasn’t our fault!” at the screen, sobbing into our beer.

There’s no definite release date for The Fermi Paradox but it’s set to arrive some time later this year. You can check out the below trailer for a taste of things to come or wishlist it on Steam.



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