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1The Worst Video Games Consoles Ever Made

As long as you aren’t invested, everybody likes a failure.

It’s a fact of the human condition, which is probably why there are so many “fail” compilations on YouTube. Watching a naff idea, or a good idea executed poorly, trip over itself out of the starting gate can make you appreciate quite how good you have it.

In the video gaming world, there have been plenty of fails; be it a highly-anticipated game that launched with a ridiculous amount of issues – we’re mentioning no names – or a console that failed to deliver anything it promised. It’s those failed consoles we’re revisiting today.

As we step boldly in to the ninth generation of video game consoles, let’s take a look back at the consoles that didn’t quite reach the heights of their competitors. In no particular order, here are some of the worst consoles to ever hit the market.