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3PV-1000 (Casio, 1983)

When we think of Casio, we tend to think of mini keyboards, calculators or digital watches. Certainly not games consoles. The company actually made a fair few in the 1980s, but the award for worst console has to go to Casio PV-1000. Possible winner of “lowest-selling console of all time”, this little blue wonder was released only in Japan during October 1983 and sold just over 9,000 units (cue Dragonball memes).

The PV-1000 featured a grand total of 13 games which were mostly ports of Namco and Konami arcade titles such as Super Cobra and Dig Dug. These were fairly rough translations however, and better versions could be found on competitor machines such as the MSX. The console was reportedly pulled from the shelves mere weeks after its release, hence its low sales numbers, making it actually incredibly rare these days.

In a bizarre move Casio ended up releasing two MSX-based games computers a year later, the PV-7 and the PV-16, meaning Casio were competing with none other than Casio. An updated version of the PV-1000 hardware was released as the PV-2000 computer, which was compatible with the controllers of the PV-1000 but not its games. As all the PV-1000 could do was play games, this meant Little Blue was put in an early grave and the success of Nintendo’s Famicom around the same time simply nailed the coffin shut.