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4Atmark “Pippin” (Bandai/Apple, 1996)

The Pippin (or PiPP!N as the console itself would tell you) was Apple’s attempt at producing the “home multimedia box” much like the Philips CD-i or the 3DO, but on Macintosh design specifications. Released in 1996, it attempted to bring Macintosh games to the home video game market.

Apple wouldn’t make these consoles itself, but licenced the “Pippin” design specs out to other companies to produce the hardware. Sources seem to vary on whether Bandai approached Apple with the idea of entering the home console market or if Bandai was the only one to accept Apple’s offer, but the result was Bandai’s Atmark console: a small cream box with a boomerang-shaped “Applejack” controller.

Macintosh games wouldn’t work on the Pippin hardware so it was relegated to primarily receiving ports of “edutainment” titles and games from the Macintosh library. Of the 15 games released, most were based on Japanese franchises – though it did also receive Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley which just sounds the best.

Bandai would struggle due to the failure of the Pippin, but were saved by the release of the Tamagotchi that same year. And, of course, Apple would find its own success later on. So a happy ending, all round.