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This Summer, Sink Your Teeth Into New Maneater DLC

Maneater Truth Quest

Maneater is back this Summer, with Truth Quest, a new add-on which has you taking on the military and more.

Maneater, currently available on the PC, Xbox and Playstation, casts you as a murderous, hungry shark, terrorising the beaches of a small island resort. It swam onto the scene last year and now, roughly a year later, developers Tripwire Interactive have teased an upcoming piece of new downloadable content.

Dubbed Truth Quest, the add-on is set to arrive this Summer and will deliver extra missions, story and more. All told, it’ll include:

  • A new level cap
  • New organ evolutions
  • A new maximum shark size.
  • A new Apex Predator
  • New “evolved hunt” creatures
  • Military forces that attack you from land and the air.
  • New bounty hunter bosses and new bounty hunter vehicles and weaponry.
  • Two new objective types, tail-whipping and time trials.

However, what isn’t clear is whether, despite the title, Truth Quest will have proper story missions. When we reviewed Maneater, our biggest problem was how tedious and repetitive the mission objectives were. You’d be tasked with killing X amount of animal A, then Y amount of animal B or so forth. Sharks might not get bored but the grind was in danger of putting us to sleep. Truth Quest is Tripwire’s chance to remedy this issue and we hope they do just that.

Maneater: Truth Quest will require the base Maneater game and will swim onto the scene sometime this summer. You can check out the reveal trailer below.


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