Time-Bending Strategic Shooter Lemnis Gate Launches This Summer

Lemnis Gate

Typical. You wait 15 years for a new Lemmings game and it turns out Lemnis Gate has nothing to do with the furry little critters.

Yes, for one brief moment we read “Lemnis” as “Lemmings”, only to have our hopes dashed when our eyes readjusted. But, from the sound of things, Lemnis Gate has the potential to be a lot of fun.

It’s an online multiplayer shooter, focused on 1v1 or 2v2 matches, but the twist is that you get to mess with time, taking your shots and pulling off other manoeuvres in 25 second blocks, before time resets.

It’s easier to wrap your head around if you watch the trailer but it seems like its designed to keep matches moving. So sniping action seems to be right out, though we could be wrong. Having teams of one or two people should also put paid to the arguments that occur when you end up in a big team full of strangers.

Lemnis Gate will launch on Xbox, Playstation and PC this Summer. You can check out the trailer below.