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War Child UK’s Annual RE-PLAY Gaming Fundraiser Runs Until 6th April

War Child UK

Log into Twitch to see streamers participating in this great fundraiser.

War Child UK launched its week-long RE-PLAY fundraising campaign yesterday. The campaign both celebrates some gaming favourites from years ago as well as helps children impacted by conflict to regain their childhood.

The specialist gaming team at War Child UK has lots of experience with fundraising efforts. They’ve partnered through streaming and support from the gaming community, raising over $5 million in the past. Their goal and wish is to increase the amount of engagement generated for retro gaming specifically.

This year’s fundraising event runs until April 6th and each day will feature a variety of different streamers and activities. Expect to see a speedrunning marathon, an arcade tournament and more as well as a sale on some retro games.

Speaking of the sale, any game that is a part of the RE-PLAY Steam Sale has a percentage of the revenue going straight to the War Child charity appeal. Some of the games on sale include:

  • Toki Tori
  • Toki Tori 2+
  • EDGE
  • RIVE
  • RUSH
  • Cattails
  • Reventure
  • Dead Cells and Dead Cells: The Bad Seed DLC

There are loads of influencers taking part in the fundraising, and players can expect a full line-up of activities to check out. The line-up includes a partnership with Antstream Arcade who will host an arcade tournament throughout the week. Some streamers to look out for include:

  • MantleFerox
  • Raijindragon
  • Skycoasterman
  • Rhytian
  • LegionsArcade
  • SticQeno
  • InkMyLife
  • TripleDeek
  • DastardlyDani
  • SigubjornL
  • GameMistress
  • TragicOnTwitch

Head over to RE-PLAY’s official website for the fundraiser and to donate. All donations for the fundraiser are made through Tiltify. From there you can also see who is currently streaming.

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