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A World-Altering Watch Dogs: Legion PC Mod Arrives This Wednesday

Soon, you’ll be able to bend the world of of Watch Dogs: Legion to your will.

Okay, that does sound a bit sinister, but it’s all down to ScriptHook, an upcoming tool from modders Nomad Group. Available only for PC, it’s essentially God Mode for Watch Dogs: Legion, not for your character, but for the city.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s London is fun to explore and, every now and then, you’ll witness some odd things happening. But ScriptHook promises to give you total control, going beyond even the cheat codes you get for Grand Theft Auto. The shenanigans you can participate in include:

  • Changing licence plates to ARSE or any other word of your choice.
  • Changing the weather.
  • Visiting locations that are usually locked away for story use only.
  • Spawning objects of your choice.
  • Summoning drones.
  • Messing with traffic more than basic hacking allows.

Essentially, it’ll be a handy tool for anyone who’s played Legion to death but wants to mess around with London a little more. It’s apparently been approved by Ubisoft (though we can’t find an official link verifying that) and will be arriving this Wednesday.

You can find out more through Nomad Group’s site. Just don’t blame us when Transport for London wonders where all their buses have gone.

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