What Difficulty Should You Play Judgment On?

Judgment 1 (2) detective games

With four difficulty levels to choose from, you might be wondering which one to play Judgment on. Here’s what you need to know.

Although it first released as a PS4 exclusive back in 2019, Judgment is now available on Stadia, PS5 and Xbox Series X. So if you’re jumping in for the first time, you’ll probably want to know what difficulty to play on.

There are four difficulty levels to choose from in Judgment: Simple, Easy, Normal and Hard. Which difficulty you select is entirely a personal preference, and there’s no right or wrong answer. You should select the difficulty that you feel best suits your play style. Here’s what to expect from each difficulty setting:


Judgment’s ‘Simple’ difficulty is the easiest of them all. This is recommended for people who are completely new to action games and just want to follow the story. It simplifies combat to the extent that pressing a standard attack button automatically performs a complex move.


‘Easy’ is a slight step up from Simple, as it doesn’t simplify combat to the same extent. Instead, enemies are made weaker and easier to take down. This difficulty option is recommended for people who just want to enjoy the story.


‘Normal’ is Judgment‘s standard difficulty level, and the setting that most people will be most comfortable with. You might struggle in some fights but it’s never overly challenging.


As ‘Hard’ might suggest, this difficulty level is only for people who want a real challenge and who are skilled in action games. Enemies are tougher, taking more hits and dealing more damage, so you’ll need to make use of complex moves and skills.

Whichever option you select at the outset, you can change the difficulty in game at any time. Bring up your phone by pressing the ‘options’ button, then navigating to settings.

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