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Zombie MMO The Day Before Gets a 13 Minute Gameplay Trailer

The Day Before

The Day Before has a new trailer that shows off 13 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming PC-based zombie MMO.

Released through IGN, the trailer features scavenging, driving, shooting and so forth. But what really struck us, the moment the trailer fired up, was how much The Day Before reminds us of Days Gone, from the house plundering through to its visual style. The two are unrelated, though there have been rumours that the team behind Days Gone was pitching a co-op sequel.

What’s not clear from the trailer is how much of what we’re seeing is happening automatically and how much is just human NPCs messing around. For example, it’s cool to see the police car pull up to the house, especially since the game seems to take place on the cusp of a zombie apocalypse. But is that really the local authorities responding or has someone just stolen a police car?

We know The Day Before is multiplayer only, being an MMO, but we’d prefer a world where stuff happens without a competing player needing to initiate it. Day Z was fun but at times it felt a little too empty, so we’re hoping The Day Before can make its world feel “alive” even when you’re the only player about.

You can check out the trailer above or wishlist The Day Before on Steam. The game is “coming soon” but has no release date as yet.

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