1The Most Fun Multiplayer Games on Nintendo 3DS

This article was first published in 2019.

Playing games with friends is often the best way to play. And even on 3DS, there are plenty of games you can enjoy with others.

Sure, sometimes we might want to wring their necks, but most of the time, playing games with friends is a pleasant experience. Being a handheld device, Nintendo’s 3DS console is geared towards single-player gaming. But there are plenty of great multiplayer games on 3DS to enjoy.¬†Mario Party and Mario Kart¬†to name just two. But we’ll get to more shortly.

Let us pass our knowledge down onto those of you who might be interested in picking up some great 3DS multiplayer games to play with your friends. Not every game on this list is exclusively multiplayer, but they all have excellent multiplayer modes to play with your friends. Here’s our pick of the best.