3GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport Switch (1)

One of the best last-gen racing games has arrived on Switch, becoming the best the format has to offer.

GRID Autosport looks great on Switch, and it performs well too, allowing you to take in some brilliant sights without being distracted by awful framerate drops and suchlike. There’s even a free downloadable high res texture pack which is great if you’re planning on playing it solely in docked mode. It’s not a game you’re going to be done with in a few hours, either. Its career encompasses multiple disciplines such as Touring, Endurance and Tuner, providing plenty of variety.

Whether you’re a racing novice or a seasoned pro, GRID Autosport has plenty of difficulty settings so you can tune the experience to your liking, and priced at just £29.99/$34.99 it’s not even too expensive.