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It’s a strange game Death Stranding, and one that many people will not get on with whatsoever. Those who aren’t put off by its lumbering pace and crazy story, however, will find it to be one of the best single-player games on PC. Even better, it looks phenomenal on PC, and if you can make use of DLSS it performs amazingly.

Richard said: “With Death Stranding, Kojima has spun the fetch quest on its head: instead of picking up quests in which you need to recover items and return them to the quest giver, you’re instead given items to deliver. The challenge comes from the nature of the package you’ve got to deliver, i.e. whether it’s fragile, oddly shaped or simply very heavy, and traversing the environment. Though worry not: there are some more traditional fetch quests thrown in for good measure, too. People really don’t like to venture out of their bunkers anymore, even for a cherished item that’s not too far away, it would seem.”

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