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Black Skylands Will Steam into Early Access on June 11th

Steampunk action adventure Black Skylands is arriving in Early Access on June 11th.

Not to be confused with Black Skylanders, a goth toys-to-life game that exists only in our heads, Black Skylands casts you as the pilot of a steam-powered airship, navigating and blasting your way around a set of floating islands.

We first took a look at Black Skyland at the beginning of last year and found it had a lot of promise, though we wondered how many pets had ended up chasing a tennis ball into the abyss. However, we didn’t get to build our aerial base which is one of the features Black Skyland‘s Early Access incarnation will offer.

You’ll also have to deal with attacks on your base, hunt down ancient treasures, build alliances with other factions and more. We’re hoping the alliance-building aspect will let you break alliances when it’s most convenient, because we’re evil like that.

The action won’t just take place in the air; you’ll have to abandon your ship to roam the islands, so land-based fighting will also figure into the mix. We already know that you’ll be able to use your grappling hook to hurl enemies into the abyss, which is right up our floating street.

There’s no fixed date for Black Skyland’s final release, but you’ll be able to steam into the PC Early Access version from June 11th.

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