Can You Increase Your Inventory Space in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village 8 (1)

Just like pretty much all Resident Evil games, Resident Evil Village has an inventory system that limits how many items you can carry.

Thankfully it’s not too restrictive by default – Ethan is capable of holding multiple weapons as well as ammo for them, health items and some other goodies without any trouble. Even better, important items such as keys no longer take up any space. There may be point where your inventory becomes full, however, and then you’ll probably be wondering if you can increase your inventory space. Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Baggage can be bought from the game’s merchant, Duke, which permanently increases your inventory space. There are multiple baggage expansion to buy, and they get more expensive each time. The first inventory space upgrade, for example, will cost you 10,000 Lei, with the second costing 30,000. So, you can increase your inventory space in Resident Evil Village, but it will cost you. We consider it money well spent though.


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