Create Your Own Mass Effect Legendary Edition Box Art

Mass Effect Cover

Not happy with the arrangement of NPCs on the cover of Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Now you can create your own box art.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a week away from release, giving players old and new a chance to dive back into Bioware’s sci-fi RPG. But for some people, there’s a problem with the remastered trilogy’s cover. Specifically, it puts certain characters front and centre, so if you didn’t give a hoot about those characters, it won’t match up with your original Mass Effect run.

Now, Bioware and EA have created a webpage that lets you generate your own cover art, displaying it solo or saving it as a an actual Playstation 4 or Xbox One cover. If you do the latter, the quality of the resultant image is high enough that you can print it out and slip it into a case.

Dubbed the “My Shepard Art Creator”, you get to select who you want standing next to your helmeted Shepard, who’s further down, and so forth. We create our own image based on the principle of keeping Ashley “Space Racist” Williams and Kaiden “Living Plank” Alenko off the cover, but the choice is up to you.

You can find the My Shepard Art Creator here.