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Dead By Daylight’s Resident Evil Chapter Has Been Revealed

Dead By Daylight

Dying to get the lowdown on Dead by Daylight’s new Resident Evil chapter? Behaviour Interactive have revealed just who’ll be joining up.

We’ve known for a while that asymmetric multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight was getting a Resident Evil chapter but now the game’s creators have detailed exactly what new content will be arriving this June 15th.

The chapter will feature Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine, from Resident Evil 2 and 3 respectively, as survivors, each with their own special skills. Leon, for example, will be able to spawn flashbang grenades, once he’s reached a certain generator repair percentage, which in turn can be used to blind The Killer.

Speaking of which, if you’re into being the bad guy, you’ll be able to play as Nemesis, dubbed “The Tyrant”, complete with tentacle attack. He’ll be able to “infect” human players which, though it won’t turn them into zombies, will make it progressively harder for them to elude him.

Naturally, there’ll be a new map as well; Racoon City PD, which we’re very happy about. While we loved roaming Spencer Mansion, it’s Resident Evil 2’s police station that springs to mind when we think about the series. It’s not in good shape, though, so don’t count on being able to find row after row of shotguns.

What’s really piqued our interest, however, is the introduction of AI-controlled zombies. For the first time in Dead by Daylight’s five year history, you’ll have more than the killer to worry about. Imagine smugly eluding Nemesis, only to have your face gnawed by the shambling corpse you didn’t spot.

You’ll be able to explore Dead by Daylight’s new horrors when the chapter arrives on PC, Playstation and Xbox this June 15th.

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