Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny’s Demo is Out Now

Disgea 6

With Disgea 6: Defiance of Destiny just over a month away, Switch owners can dive into a demo for the strategy RPG.

We dived into Disgea 5: Alliance of Vengeance back in 2015, criticising its story but concluding that the sheer amount of content made it worth playing. And now its sequel, Disgea 6: Defiance of Destiny is nearly upon us. Which raises the question, should you really be jumping into the sixth entry in a strategy RPG series?

We’ve yet to get our hands on Disgea 6, but the game’s demo should go some way towards providing answer. Unlike some demos, which dump you in the middle of the game, Disgea 6’s demo is the first two chapters of the full game, so it should give you an idea if you can wrap your head around Disgea’s 6’s story. Even better, if you purchase the full game, your save will carry over meaning you don’t have to replay those first two chapters.

Whether you pre-order Disgea 6: Defiance of Destiny or not, you have the chance to win a free Disgea Prinny plush. The full details can be found here, but essentially, the three people who can deliver the highest in-game attack in the demo will get a prize.

And yes, it is dependent on your score; we’ve seen a lot of contests where the small print reveals it’s drawn at random. In this case it seems like it genuinely will be the highest scoring players who win. Who wouldn’t want a stuffed penguin-a-like? The bad news is, while the demo’s available globally, the competition is only to open to players in North America.

If the demo (which is available through the Nintendo eShop) has you hooked, you can get Disgea 6: Defiance of Destiny when it hits Nintendo Switch this June 29th.

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