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Subnautica: Below Zero

Dive Into Subnautica: Below Zero’s Final Gameplay Trailer

Subnautica: Below Zero, which released last Friday, has a final gameplay trailer taking you across the ice and beneath the waves.

Unlike the original Subnautica, where an accident strands you on Planet 4546B, your protagonist Robin willingly arrives in the planet’s icy zone in search of her sister.  Aside from hunting for clues, you have you discover and craft the resources necessary to take you deeper beneath the waves, dealing with not only a limited oxygen supply but a range of creatures who will happily bite your head off before you can uncover 4546B’s mysteries.

We praised this aquatic sandbox game, saying it was “an absolute joy to just get out there and mess around, embracing the thrill of discovery” an awarding it an outstanding 9 out of 10. In short, you should buy it right now. But if you’re not convinced, there’s a new trailer out which gives you a glimpse of Below Zero in action.

Aside from showing off gameplay, it also impresses upon you the importance of Robin’s quest, though the fact she finds a necklace that her sister would never take off doesn’t bode well. It also features Below Zero’s base-building, while not 100% necessary to complete the game, is an awful lot of fun. Since reviewing Below Zero we’ve been diving back into the game, constructing a vast base just so we can safely thumb our noses at the many creatures that want to eat Robin.

If the trailer does sway you into making a purchase, you can pick up Subnautica: Below Zero on Xbox One, Xbox S/X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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