Does Subnautica: Below Zero Have Co-op or Multiplayer Modes?

Subnautica Below Zero

Are you wondering if you can play Subnautica: Below Zero in co-op or multiplayer mode?

We don’t advocate games having multiplayer modes for the sake of it; we’re still baffled as to why someone looked at The Last of Us and thought it needed a versus mode.

However, playing the original Subnautica, we did think it’d be interesting to rope some other players in, if only to act as decoys.

So, now Subnautica: Below Zero has come along, can you play this aquatic sandbox game in multiplayer co-op mode or versus mode? Maybe have them distract a Leviathan while you plunder the seabed it was roaming? Perhaps double-cross them and flee with the gold while their submarine is torn to pieces?

Unfortunately not. There is no multiplayer mode, either co-operative or competitive, in Below Zero. You’re not entirely on your own in the depths of this alien planet’s ocean but there won’t be any human players to lend you a hand.

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