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Doom CAPTCHA is an Entertaining Way of Proving You’re Human

Doom Captcha

Sick of those CAPTCHA boxes which make you identify which images contain traffic lights? Then Doom CAPTCHA could be for you.

It’s only a fun little experiment but it’s an interesting alternative to squinting at some indistinguishable letters or any of the other methods webpage use to check you’re not an automated bot.

Instead of browsing square after square, this tiny applet tasks you with shooting an imp in the face, while a track from the original Doom plays in the background. Hit the imp four times and you “win”, which, if this was used on a regular website, would grant you access to whatever page you were trying to browse to.

The one catch is that there’s no obvious accessibility alternative; most CAPTCHA boxes have the option to listen to a message instead but if, for whatever reason, you’re not fast on your fingers, this could pose a problem.

Doom CAPTCHA the brain child of a web developer by the name of Miguel and, given that some AI bots are now capable of solving CAPTCHAs, could become very useful in the future. Who knows? This time next year you could need to chainsaw a Mancubus before you can order PS5.

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