ExtremeRate Launches a Range of PS5 DualSense Controller Shells

Extreme Rate Cover

Extremerate’s new accessories change the look of your DualSense controller, if you dare.

Fancy giving your PlayStation 5 controller a new look? ExtremeRate has launched a range of shells and other aesthetic-altering accessories for DualSense controllers.

The company’s not gone as far as making a brand new controller from the guts of a DualSense, as it did with the DualShock 4, but if Sony’s newly announced official red and black controllers don’t suit you, there are plenty of colours to choose from.

So what’s the catch? The catch is that you have to disassemble your controller, thereby invalidating your warranty. We wouldn’t have a problem doing this with one of our PlayStation 4 controllers but the thought of taking apart our DualSense and making a mess of things makes us very, very nervous. Mess up and you’re £60 down, or maybe £40 down if you can sell the wreckage on eBay.

Still, if you have the steadiness of hand and the confidence to take apart your controller, ExtremeRate’s new line-up could be worth a look. You can find ExtremeRate’s range on their site here, as well as on Amazon.