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FUSER’s New 24/7 Diamond Stage Lets You Be a Headline Act

Fuser Diamond Stage

It’s been six months since Harmonix’s FUSER launched, and it’s safe to say that it’s struck a chord with a fair few gamers.

Letting players essentially flex their DJing skills by choosing a crate of songs and then seamlessly blending elements of them together with style, what’s really struck Harmonix about FUSER is how positive its community is. The developer has observed people sharing their mixes, and instead of the usual “This SUXX m8”, others will give it a listen and compliment it, or even suggest what can be done to make it even better.

It’s because of the positivity of its community, and the skills displayed by those within it, that FUSER is getting a substantial update. One that allows players to really show off their abilities. The Diamond Stage is the star of FUSER update 1.4 – or the Headliner update – a place where players can perform sets for 250 spectators, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On the Diamond Stage, the sets are never-ending – as one ends, another begins. They’re a little bit longer than players are used to as well, clocking in at 30 minutes. If a player wants to take to their Diamond Stage themselves they can enjoy the whole 30 minutes in the limelight, but they can share it with up to three others if they wish. Four players could enjoy seven minutes of fame each, for example. And another thing worthy of mention is that the Diamond Stage is cross-platform; no matter what your format of choice is, when you tune in to the Diamond Stage, you’ll see the same show as everyone else. It’ll be streamed to Twitch, too.

With FUSER‘s Headliner update, Harmonix is also doubling down on the spectatorship aspect of the game. With such skilled players and a positive community, it expects a lot of eyes on the Diamond Stage – a lot of visitors to the Clubhouse, so to speak. For that reason, it’s also bolstered its hangout and emoji chat systems, so visitors can express themselves in more ways than ever before.

Fuser Diamond Store

If you’re wondering how players secure themselves a spot on FUSER‘s Diamond Stage, it’s simple – by purchasing their slot with a new currency: Diamonds. Earned by simply playing FUSER, Diamonds will not be available to buy with real money. Once players have built up a stash of them, they’re then able to buy their slot on the Diamond Stage. When slots first become available they will be expensive, but unfilled slots will get ever cheaper to book as their time draws nearer. It’s important to note that Harmonix will also be able to override the booking system; on special occasions it may be occupied by influencers or popular performers.

The introduction of Diamonds also has a benefit for those with no interest on performing on the Diamond Stage whatsoever. The Headliner update will also implement a Diamond Store, allowing players to purchase limited-time content that they’ve previously missed and more. A frequently changing assortment of content will be available in the Diamond store, so it will be worth players nipping into it on a regular basis, just to see if there’s anything on offer that they don’t have.

Needless to say, avid FUSER players have a lot to look forward to with the latest update. And for those who haven’t got into FUSER yet, a new lower price for the standard edition means there’s never been a better time. We reviewed the game at launch, awarding it a great 8/10. Jumping back into it now, the magic is still there. Easy to pick up but hard to master, there’s hours of fun to be had putting together a crate of songs that complement each other, before mixing them up like a pro. And now, with its latest update, you can show off your best mixes to the whole world. FUSER now essentially lets you be a star.

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