1If You Like Dark Souls, You’ll Like These PS4 Games

This list was originally published in August 2019 and has been kept updated with new games since.

You could quite possibly play Dark Souls and its two sequels forever and not get bored of them.

But if you are wanting to give them a rest and play something else on PS4 that provides a similar challenge, you have more than a few options.

There are many games available on PS4 that have clearly been inspired by Dark Souls. Some of them try to copy the series’ formula and change little, while others go out of their way to offer something a bit different.

We’ve assembled a list of all the games like Dark Souls on PS4. Some of them are very similar but offer a change of scenery. Others have different mechanics but still have that Dark Souls feel. One thing is true of them all though; they all provide a great challenge. If you love Dark Souls but want something new to play, you’d be wise to give these games a go.

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