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How Do You Stay Warm in Subnautica: Below Zero?

Do you find that you keep freezing to death in Subnautica: Below Zero? Here’s what to do.

Stay in the water. Hey presto, problem solved.

At the risk of being the shortest “how to” ever, that really is the easiest way to stay warm in Subnautica: Below Zero, if you’re just messing around.. However, if you want to engage with the game’s story, you’re going to have to not only surface but head out onto the ice. The moment you’re walking on ice or even on the top of your Sea Truck, your body temperature will start to drop. If it reaches 0, you die.

So, here’s how to stop that happening:

  • If you’re near the water, jump back in. You wouldn’t think that’d be a cure for impending hypothermia but, for whatever reason, water will always warm you back up.
  • Eat or drink the right things. Fevered peppers, found in ice caves on their parent plant, will warm you up as will coffee in a thermos from a vending machine.
  • Wrap up warm. If you build a spy pengling you can use the fur from snow stalkers to make a cold suit. It’ll reduce the temperature drop but won’t stop it altogether. Oddly, though, killing snow stalkers won’t give you their fur.
  • Head into caves. Going inside an overland cave will get your temperature meter rising.
  • Use a Thermal Lily or a steam vent or hot pool. Standing by a Thermal Lily – the big glowing flowers will warm you up, but you’ll burn if you get too close. Standing by a steam vent will boost your heat.

And that’s it. The best advice, as with running out of oxygen, is simply to keep an eye on the meter and do something when you’re about to freeze to death.

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