How to Complete the Bell Puzzle and Get the Rifle in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village 3 (1)

If you’re exploring Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village you may eventually enter the atelier, where a bell puzzle awaits.

On an easel in the centre of the atelier room you’ll find a note that hints that ringing all five bells will cause something to happen. Upon ringing the bells, what actually happens is the large picture of Lady Dimitrescu moves to reveal access to the attic. And in the attic you’ll find the F2 sniper rifle, which is the best weapon in Resident Evil Village for taking out enemies at long range. Just make sure you have room in your inventory to pick it up, as it’s rather large.

So, how do you solve the bell puzzle? Well, you simply need to find the five bells and then ring them by shooting them. The problem is locating them all.


The easiest bell to find is just to the left of the easel sitting on a table. Shoot it or slash it with your knife to ring it. Another is on top of the large cabinet across from the easel. Put some distance between the cabinet and yourself then shoot the bell on top. The third bell is a little trickier to get – see the clockwork behind the gaps in the wall behind the easel? One of the bells is swinging in there. Move to the right hand side of the room and aim through the left gap – you get a clear shot when the bell reaches the height of its swing moving left.

With three bells down, you then need to climb the stairs on the left-hand side of the room to get the last two. One is outside of the room, in a tower in the distance. Shoot once to break the glass roof, then again to hit the bell. The other bell is on top of the chandelier in the room. Shoot the chandelier to set it rocking, then shoot the bell when you have a clear view. After ringing all five bells, the picture of Lady Dimitrescu will move and you’ll be able to access the attic and claim the F2 sniper rifle.

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